Life has been pretty crumby the last couple years- divorce, debt, student loans; it's a story of the ages- but! Instead of consuming avocado toast and Starbucks lattes until I burst, I decided to lean into my #millennial existence and attempt to crowdfund something that was easy for previous generations to do while working minimum wage: enough money to put a down payment on a modest home!

The donation page is a little confusing, I know. I'm a beta-tester!

This might help:

Window #1 - our details

  • Where it asks for Borrower Information, put my full name: Haley Loria Carnefix
  • Where it asks for Doner Information (that's you!), supply the required information
  • Click the green Submit Information and Proceed to Payment button to proceed to payment 

Window #2 - donation amount

  • Enter the amount you'd like to donate
  • Click Continue

Window #3 - payment information

  • At the top of this page there is a required field that simply titled Description. In this field, please enter my reference number: 1320010392
  • Enter your credit/debit card information, full name, and billing address
  • Click Pay Now