Weddings & Elopements

Pricing is dependent on the number of hours you'd like me to document.

Inquire for specific details or for more information about my sliding scale.

$950 - $3600

(almost) everything else

Photos with your loved ones (family, engagement, anniversary, friends, pets), or photos of yourself (boudoir, portraiture).


Trading Services

It never hurts to ask! Just shoot me an e-mail; I'm always open to discuss a fair trade. :)

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I bet I can guess what you're thinking: "Oh, wow. Photography is expensive!"

Don't fret! I work on a sliding scale.

For those who aren't' familiar, a sliding scale is a range of payment options that allows you to adjust what you  pay within your financial capacity.

Some folx resist the sliding scale because it feels like they are asking for a handout. Please understand that the sliding scale is not charity- it benefits me, too. 

When more people can afford a professional photographer, more people are more likely to hire a professional photographer. Further, being flexible with my pricing allows me to photograph a wider variety of people, which means I get to continuously experience different cultures and lifestyles! What could be better than that?

but don't just take *my* word for it...


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"Loria is a wonderful, talented, hilarious human being who took my incredibly shy five year old and incredibly unphotogenic me and produced so many photos that I will cherish for the rest of my life. You know how you share little moments in your day-to-day life with the people you love and find yourself wishing you could capture them? Loria does this exactly. She creates an atmosphere that's more akin to hanging out with a good friend than an awkward, staged photo shoot, and it shines through in her photos."

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